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How to Scan a Reformatted Hard Drive to Recover Files?

Reformatting a computer is something that people have feared doing since we first learned how. Many people have no concern in wiping their hard disk spotless; the fateful issue is sometimes you really have no option. In actual fact, you are trading in an older version of windows for a newer version. This was once an very slow procedure, and if you had to reinstall all of the applications that were previously on your computer, it could slack the procedure even more to the point that you may have easily gotten discouraged and given up.

Recover Files

One thing most PC owners don’t know is, you save time and effort if you just reinstall what you essentially need to use. Nevertheless, there are newer methods to reformat the computer to increase your efficiency. It is a difficult situation to find out that you have already reformatted the hard drive of your computer, then to out of the blue recognize that no backups are available. Some of the few course action you need to take to save your entire data on your computer are;

If you are planning on recovering data off the hard drive, do not write to the hard drive. If you write to a hard drive, the system drivers aimlessly write to the disk. It is probable you are overwriting on any data that could have been restored. Do not try to boot from the drive, or if it is an external USB drive don’t store any new files on it.

When you cannot boot the machine, try and employ data recovery bootable disk or join the hard drive computer as slave to retrieve lost files. Choose the disk where you lost data and click “scan” button, the software will quickly scan the selected disk to find all your target files. If you lost your partition, choose ‘lost Disk Drives” and “scan” to proceed with the recovery procedure.

Once you have scanned, you can preview all the listed recoverable files one by one and choose out those you need. From there, click “Recover” button to retrieve them immediately. For safety reasons, you should save all the recovered files on another disk to avoid overwriting. Remember to store the retrieved data on another partition or drive as a replacement for the formatted one, since it may result in overwriting, hence permanent loss.

There are a number of good tutorials on the internet so you can get guidance on how to do it. Always go for the simplest (novice user) ones and the one that suits your exact problem and also type of computer you are using.

These are Your Best Options When Trying to Recover Data

Sometimes your computer crashes due to failure of hardware and software and this failure can lead to the loss of the files which you have saved.

If you desire to recover files from the hard drive, you can utilize various software which is especially built to recover files which are lost. You can enlist the assistance of an IT expert as well.
If you are fortunate, you can be able to locate backup files inside the hard disk. However, for home computers this is not possible. Recovery of information and files is extremely vital for work and different functions.
If you are not sure of what action to take, the guidelines below will assist you to regain your file simply without the risk of losing it.

Kinds of Hard Disk Failures

• This failure generally falls under two categories which are logical and physical failures. Physical failure of the hard disk is the kind of failure where there exists a physical problem with the hard drive and the signs may be clicking or grinding sounds.

• A logical failure involves drive failure which is not physical, but the data kept on the hard disk is in poor condition. Normally, it is possible to repair this kind of failure by utilizing a tool like Scan Disk.
Recovering Data

• You should confirm that the main problem stems from the hard drive and not the controller.
A lot of people think that their hard drive is where the problem starts.

• However, the problem lies inside the controller. You should extract the hard drive from the computer and fix the main drive to another operating computer system to check whether it is the controller which has a problem.

• It is extremely vital to avoid writing any information to the hard disc if you genuinely desire to recover files from the hard drive. New information will overwrite the data which is deleted and you will not be able to make recovery of any information at all.

• You can opt to connect the hard disk to a different computer if it is not able to boot up. In case you have a hard disk apart from this one and an operating system installed you can utilize this as the main drive to prevent having to switch off computers.

• You require utilizing the window explorer to locate the lost file if the partition has damage or is altered. This will enable you to simply shift the data from a hard drive to an operating system’s main drive. This is a very effective way to make recovery of files from the hard drive.

• You can also utilize the DOS program to repair the partition which is damaged. However, ensure that you study the guide carefully inside the program to ensure that you utilize it appropriately.


If it is a challenge for you to make recovery of files from the hard drive, you can enlist the assistance of a recovery specialist.
If you try to carry this out without a professional’s help or someone who is knowledgeable, you may lose all your information. It is not difficult to recover files from the hard drive by utilizing the appropriate software and correct knowledge.

All about Lenovo Laptops



There are many types of laptops and Lenovo is one of the latest types that also come with the latest features.
Lenovo laptops are known to be stylish and very sleek look. Lenovo already have many series which are increasingly becoming famous. The Lenovo laptops are made in a way in which make them seem to be the latest models in the market.

Y series is a powerful laptop which is also known as a gaming laptop with cutting edge graphics and they also have a processing unit with a full HD display and also come with premium audio. There is another version that also comes with a 10-point multi touch feature.

The keyboards of Lenovo laptops are made in a way that they are well spaced and comfortable to use so as to ensure that they increase the level of accuracy. This will reduce the number of times one has to delete and continue writing, thus increase the speed of writing since it will allow faster typing with less mistakes. The laptops come with different details on the physical look as compared to other laptops. It has durable hinges and acclaimed keyboards.

The Lenovo laptops are made in a way that they consume less power, and the systems run efficiently and make less noise and also has less strain on its internal components, making is comfortable to handle and also can be used for a longer period of time.
The Lenovo laptops have been awarded for their design which is said to be thinking of the future. They are also reliable simply because they use less power and are easier to handle making the user feel comfortable to use them without necessarily feeling like they are straining in any way. They are good for personal use and also for office use.

These laptops also come with a big internal memory which allows it to run well and also makes it reliable to use if you are aiming at completing a lot of work in a short time. You will be comfortable using a Lenovo laptop for your work no matter what your work is. It is also good for gaming just in case you enjoy playing games on your laptop as a way of passing time and using your free time.

The Lenovo laptops are good if you are looking to increase your productivity at work since you can run more applications back to back at the same time. You also can work with ease while on the move because of their advanced power saving modes.

These laptops come with many ports which include USB 3.0 port which is known to be fast, you will find all the connections that you need. You will also be able to create wonderful presentations. You can also make good videos using Lenovo laptops. The laptops support many programs no matter which series it is. The user has to look at all the series to be able to settle on one that has the features that he or she is looking for.
For more about Lenovo laptops, it is important to look at all the available series from Y series, Z series, Yoga Series, Flex Series to U series. They all have different series but they are not very different from each other, since there are features that are shared in all the different series.

Repair Your Computer vs. buying a New One


The 21st Century is appropriately known as the ‘techno age.’ Acquiring a brand new computer today is not complicated at all. Desktops and laptops have both become so affordable that people think that it is better to replace a computer than repair it.

In short, the prices of new computers have reduced. This is partly because of the reduction in costs in the quality of design, parts and hardware installed.

With these factors in mind, it becomes obvious that repairing a computer which is good by spending around 10% to 20% of its market price is more beneficial than purchasing a new computer.

This is unless you get a lot of increase in speed and performance.

What to Consider When Deciding Whether to Buy or Repair Computers


  • Check whether the repairs fall under the warranty period or different kinds of agreement for prolonged services.


  • Ask about the estimated cost of carrying out repairs on your computer.


  • Check how long it will take for the machine to be repaired.


  • The lifespan of the hard drive and supply of power needs to last for a minimum of 3 or 6 years. The warranty of different mechanical drives varies according to the amount of usage.


  • If repairing a computer costs you about $200 together with efficiency in performance and functions then repairing the computer is worth it.


  • An old computer should be replaced with a new one if you have better expectations in all aspects. This also applies if the repair rate is more than $500.


  • Purchase a new machine if the present one does not have some upgraded functionalities which are essential.


  • A warranty of a minimum of 1 year should be provided with the new PC.


Computer Problems Which May Necessitate Replacing


  • A computer problem which is very common is being unable to turn on the computer. This implicates that the computer is either entirely dead or has a problem with specific sections of the hardware.


  • The computer may be too slow. This hinders one from working efficiently and in a fast manner, triggering much frustration.


  • Some computers may emit abnormal sounds which can make the user nervous. Different sounds signify different problems.


  • Problems which internet connections pose another problem which is common in computers. This might be in form of variations in the web page or errors appearing on the screen related to internet connection.


  • The need to replace computers may also come up when one needs to upgrade to the latest systems for more efficiency and fast services.



In case you decide repair the computer instead of purchasing a new one, it is vital to note that you do not necessarily require being an expert so as to solve computer problems yourself.

The creation of the internet has spread knowledge on common problems encountered in computers and people attempt to solve them on their own so as to save on costs.

Ensure that you find out if the computer problem can be easily solved so as to cut down on extra costs.

What is Computer Malware



Malware is a name that is derived from malicious software. Computer malware is therefore software that is used to interrupt computer operation; it does this through gathering sensitive information and getting access to private computer structures.

The malware is mainly used to work against the needs of the computer user, it is purely meant to cause harm to the computer intentionally. The software steals information and also used to spy on the user as he conducts his operations on the computer without his knowledge.

Computer malware is harmful software which comes with viruses, ransomware, Trojan horses, spyware, scareware and adware and many other hostile programs which are harmful to the computer. These malware are fixed in good files in the computer. While other malware like the spyware are normally entrenched in programs that are supplied by official companies which can always be downloaded from main websites that are always seen to be useful, but these can have extra hidden tracking roles that collects marketing data.

The computer malware was started as pranks but are now widely used by governments and black hat hackers who use it to gather and collect private information that they can use or even disrupt programs that are run by their competitors. Malware is also widely used to work against corporate and government websites to get protected information and sometimes to interrupt their programs and operations.

Computer malware can also be used against individuals to get access to personal information like bank passwords, personal identification, credit card numbers and other personal information. The computers which are at risk are those personal computers that are not well guarded and also those networked computers. It is therefore important to keep personal computers well protected, by use of firewall or any other available protective measures. When using networked computers you can use passwords on protected files so as to try and reduce chances of getting malware attack.

The most widely known and used malware are computer viruses and worms, may be because they are easily spread. Computer viruses are found in the computer operating system and can also be fixed in performing and operational programs, and usually fixed without the permission or consent of the user, and when it is running it spreads to other available programs in the computer. This therefore means that once the computer has been infected by virus malware, it will soon be fully infected if it is not dealt with early enough.

On the other hand, worms act alone and are normally found in a network where it transmits itself to affect other computers. This means that the user will not necessarily have to run a program for the worm to spread as it does in viruses, worms will automatically spread themselves, thus making it more deadly than viruses.

These computer malware can be cleaned out of the system once detected. They can be detected through many ways. For example, when a computer is infected by virus, it may become slow to open and also when running programs. It is important that the user installs software that can protect against any form of malware.